About me:

Stephen C. Alicandro Mace , LMT, CPMT, Reiki Practitioner That's me being totally enraptured with an agave.

Stephen C. Alicandro Mace, LMT, CPMT, Reiki Practitioner
That's me being totally enraptured with an agave.

I have a small practice in the Pioneer Valley, that's Western Mass, if you where curious. I help people with chronic and acute pain. I work with everyone! Yes, even you! I work with babies, kids, parents, grandparents, peeps with autism, anxiety, depression. I work with pregnant people, I work with women, trans people and people outside the gender binary, and men. I work with tough burly construction workers, the very athletic, couch potatoes, and I work with elderly people who have trouble getting around. If I missed a group of people, I work with them too. I just tried to cover the basics. Its a judgement free zone. And I keep all your secretes confidential.

Massage & Bodywork With Stephen:

My work ranges from clinical deep tissue massage to energywork. I give health recommendations that you can do at home. I also come to people's homes. So if you have mobility difficulties, difficulty going places and doing things, or if you just don't want to leave the house - I do my best to keep the price equitable to the sessions at my office.


Workshops with Stephen:

I have been teaching Massage, Bodywork, and Energy Healing since 2001. I teach a variety of workshops and series for continuing education and certification.


Anatomy for the Healer:
Podcast, VLOG, & Blog

What if you wanted to learn... no rather, 'be inspired' about the human body [mind, and spirit]? What if you where looking for something to continue your journey into understanding this human shell, for your work as a practitioner, but you didn't want to read another stuffy old text searching aimlessly for meaning?

What if you could give a Rattus rattus's anus about topics like specialized epithelial tissues [such as squeamish] but wanted to talk about consciousness riding through light waves through the fascia? What if you thought people who referred to the heart as "the body's pump" where a bunch of no good "fuddyduddies" who needed to find some other profession like "pocket protector technician?" Then by golly, this website is for you!

There are many amazing websites dedicated to the science of human biology. While we appreciate and learn a great deal from this work; we find something is lacking. What about the art of anatomy? What happened to the mystery of it all?

Is there a space in the blogosphere for the exploration of the body, mind, and spirit that incorporates western biological thinking which does not exclude cultural world view and does not simply rationalize and rule out other conclusions.

We seek to explore and understand the cultural and historical significance of the body and its parts.