::Short Course ::

Our short courses are not your typical CEUs where you are basically learning stuff you already covered in school, for the purpose of collecting credits (not currently offered... but hopefully soon). Instead they are intriguing topics which are typically not dared to be threaded on in formalized training programs in the healing arts.

Below is a course listing, with probable descriptions. We are hoping to begin offering short courses beginning in Fall 2014

The Electric Body:

A series of workshops exploring the human energetic system

In this series we will explore the human energetic system from a cross cultural perspective. We will learn about the energy centers known as chakras in Ayurveda. We will learn about the Nadi Channels of Yoga and Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition we will learn about reflex points throughout the body, the human Aura, and many other energetic structures.

The Electric Body is broken up into several short workshops focusing on specific topics. 


Human Microcosm
[free - for a limited time]

This course overviews the human energetic system, and how energy "transforms" through it's various stages and forms the energetic structures. This is the prerequisite course for all other "Electric Body" courses.

Aquifers of Life

Prerequisite: The human Microcosm

Chakras are the energy centers of the body known to bodyworkers, healers, and the like. They are spoken about in the Ayurveda (a collection of ancient writings about healing from India). But modern healers have this silly thing to grapple with... its called science. Science cant seem to find those darn "spinning wheels of light" which are sworn to be there by so many.

This class will not only teach the traditional views of chakras... you know color, breath, location, etc. it will also show you EXACTLY where to find the chakras in the body (or at least there physical counterparts).

The Electric Body: Rivers of Energy

Prerequisite: The human Microcosm

In this workshop we will explore the energy channels from Chinese and Ayurvedic perspectives. We will learn to locate these rivers via palpation [touch], sight, and intuition. You have not taken a course like this!



The dancing skeleton

Muscles, bones, fascia... you know the stuff that holds us up and moves us around... that stuff. We will explore that stuff. Bodywork geeks will be happy to know about these courses.

Dancing Skeleton 101:

This course will cover the necessary introductory information for understanding these courses. Its a great workshop!

Dancing Skeleton: The Shoulder

Prerequisite: Dancing Skeleton 101

Learn the ins and outs of the shoulder girdle, myofascial connections, trigger-points, energetics, and more! Did you know the shoulder is connected to the Sacrum?

Dancing Skeleton: The Hip

Prerequisite: Dancing Skeleton 101

We will explore they amazingness that is the pelvic girdle. We will learn the myofascial connections, trigger-points, energetics and more!

Dancing Skeleton: The Spine

Dancing Skeleton 101

The human spine is truly fascinating!   We will learn myofascial connections, energetics, and so much more!

What's included? Glad you asked!

  • Bones! By tendon, by landmarks, By George!
  • Muscles! By name, by ligament, by location, by group, by fascia! By nerve! By GOD!
  • Fascia! This course would not be complete without talking about the power of the fascia! But... I don't want to ruin it so I wont say too much... but we cover fascia!
  • Pain Referrals, Energetics, and MORE!