the human microcosm: a course in ENERGY and fascial anatomy

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An online course specially designed for practitioners and advanced students of the healing arts who are looking for an integrative anatomy course to deepen their work.

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Deep Tissue Massage | a clinical approach

Want to be a more effective bodyworker? Do you miss the classroom experience or want to brush up on your technique and skills? Want to learn how to do deep tissue work without injuring yourself? Want to learn to read your client's pain pattern and know exactly which muscles are involved? Want to develop treatment plans and learn how to encourage your clients to stick with the program so they can see lasting results?

Fall Workshop 2017
Series Dates: 11/12, 11/19, 12/03, 12/17*

Sundays 11am - 4pm
Tuition: $275 ($250 early registration paid in full)
Classes held at Blue Dragon Apothecary, in Greenfield, MA

Learn to treat:

  • Migraines and other debilitating headaches

  • Whiplash & Neck Pain

  • Low back pain & Hip Pain

We will cover:

  • Overview of core concepts and current clinical deep tissue theory

  • Proper technique and bodymechanics for clinical deep tissue work

  • Regional anatomy of the muscles, bones and fascia.

  • Pathology profiles and proven treatment strategies


  • Basic understanding of anatomy & physiology

  • Qualified to practice bodywork in your State (License, Certification, or equivalent)**

  • Eagerness to learn, practice, and grow as a practitioner.

Studying with Stephen, I was left with a tool box to draw from of herbal medicine, acupressure points, energetic techniques and massage maneuvers that allowed me to work with people based on not only their imbalances, but their connection to healing itself.
Currently I have massage licenses in three different states so that I can travel and work while doing it. Because of the array of skills I learned with Stephen, I can adapt to many work environments and help people to find the relief that is best for them.

Stephen was able to illuminate and untangle mysteries of many schools of thought to help me to understand not only intellectually, but through grounded supervised practice to help it all coalesce into a rich experience of hands-on healing. I was also left with a wonderful new level of BS detection when I would encounter people that were not using the whole picture in their healing approaches, or who were ignoring some aspects of the puzzle in order to emphasize or rely on others. I highly recommend Stephen’s program to any person who has an interest in the art of healing.
— Jennifer Lee Stuart, Reiki Practitioner and Licensed massage therapist in Texas, Massachusetts, and Colorado.
You were the best and most knowledgeable instructor I had, by far. Even playing that game in Kinesiology (I think it was something about ninjas) helped me immensely when I took the national cert exam. I kept moving my leg and arm while I was sitting at the computer to help me figure out origins/insertions/actions. I’m sure it was quite the sight!
— Kristen McConnell, NCTMB Board Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist

About the presenter: Stephen C. Alicandro-Mace, LMT, CPMT

I have been a bodyworker since 1999 and an instructor since 2001. I have taught literally thousands of massage therapists and bodyworkers over the years.

I help people with chronic and acute pain, anxiety and sensory issues. I work with everyone! In my workshops as well as my practice, its a judgement free zone. I teach from the prospective that most practitioners want to see their clients get better! We want to create treatment programs that see people get better... not just reinventing the wheel each time we see a client!

Workshops are presented using visual aids, lecture, demonstration with plenty of experiential hands-on time. Students leave with detailed handouts and receive certification upon completion of short externship***

Have specific questions for the instructor?

Contact: (please allow 48 hours for response)

*Students are expected to attend all dates in this series

**Considerations for other practitioners of the healing arts, massage students, etc. may be granted on a case by case basis.

***An out of class, clinical deep tissue massage series - preformed on a paying or nonpaying client of a course of 4 sessions, over 4 consecutive weeks. Treatment notes will be sent to instructor for evaluation. Students will have email access to instructor.