the human microcosm: a course in energy and fascial anatomy

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We approach this course as explorers, embarking on a journey of discovery. We take with us the maps, diagrams, and clues left by those who came before us, but we must also get our feet wet, our hands dirty and do this work ourselves. In our toolkit we bring our charts and texts, our facts and figures but we also bring our mind’s eye, imagination and intuition - as we look for relevant correspondences and signatures which create meaning and form a deeper intuitive understanding of the human body.

The emphasis of this course is on connective tissues as a medium for energy conduction and on building a dynamic energetic theory; drawing inspiration from different healing traditions while remaining open to integrating new possibilities of understanding and adaptation to our ever-changing cultural environment.

Through audio and video lecture, practical demonstrations & guided meditation we explore chakras, meridians, and other energy patterns. We search with curiosity for their reflections imprinted in the connective tissues.

This course is designed for practitioners and advanced students of the healing arts who are looking for an energy anatomy course to deepen their work.


Fall 2019: October 27th - December 7th
Early enrollment now open!

Total tuition: $375
**payment plan available**

Your meditations on the elements have really changed my life. Those meditations are deepened by listening to you discuss the theory of so many ancient concepts, Dr. Stone’s and other energetic traditions.
The information itself is eye opening, incredibly interesting and has been important to me. What has made it change my life, though, has been your authentic and committed delivery. You certainly have a passion – which enhances the learning experience in a way few teachers ever really achieve.
— Melanie Carvalho, BA, LMT, Polarity Therapist

Course features:

  • Self-Paced

    • Designed to be a six week course (but take as long as you need)

    • materials are all downloadable for life time exploration

  • Printable Handouts

    • Images of fascial chakras, meridians, and other energetic patterns

    • 5 element correspondence charts

    • Fascia cell & matrix chart

  • Private Facebook Group

    • for questions, group discussions, etc.

    Live Q&A sessions

    • There will be group video chats which answer questions and expand upon topics based on student interest

  • Office hours

    • schedule 1 on 1 conversations with instructor for deeper understanding