PANGAEA SCHOOL: Learn from home, what you can't learn in school!

We approach the practice of healing from this perspective; with reverence for the inner wisdom of the body and cross-cultural tradition.

In addition to in-person classes, we are currently building an online curriculum which includes:

Short Courses

The Apprenticeship


After going to Pangaea, I was left with a tool box to draw from of herbal medicine, acupressure points, energetic techniques and massage maneuvers that allowed me to work with people based on not only their imbalances, but their connection to healing itself. I realized that all of the forms of medicine that I was so interested in were overlapped in ways that Stephen could illuminate and untangle to help me to understand not only intellectually, but through grounded supervised practice to help it all coalesce into a rich experience of hands-on healing. After leaving Pangaea, I was also left with a wonderful new level of bullshit detection when I would encounter people that were not using the whole picture in their healing approaches, or who were ignoring some aspects of the puzzle in order to emphasize or rely on others. I highly recommend Stephen’s program to any person who has an interest in the art of healing.
— --Jennifer Lee Stuart, LMT, Reiki Practitioner and Therapeutic Team Leader