PANGAEA SCHOOL: Learn from home, what you can't learn in school!

Pangaea School for Energetic, Shamanic, and Magical Healing was founded by Stephen C. Alicandro Mace, LMT, Reiki Master Teacher in Austin, TX in 2002. The idea was to create an educational methodology for energetic studies from an eclectic view of the the body, spirit, and soul. Pangaea moved to Northampton, MA in 2006. In 2009 Stephen took a brief hiatus for important parenting duties... then spring turned to summer, and summer turned to fall... there was that rift in the space time continuum... and well... its about time we got this bad boy up and running again. So we are on our way back! And... wait for it... wait for it... wait for it ONLINE! Stephen has been teaching and practicing healing work since 1999, but this will be the first time to bring him to the web! And it is looking awesome folks! Truly awesome!

Video course, meditation mp3s, live video chats, harnessing the full power of the internet! Yeah!

Short Courses

The Apprenticeship

Pangaea School teaches healing from a unique perspective. We teach clinical work from with an energetic lens and energetic work with a clinical lens. We incorporate magic and shamanism into our work and seek guidance and understanding from the body, spirit, and soul.

Rather than focusing on one particular system of healing, we focus on integrative amalgams drenched in theory and steeped in mystery. We combine, blend, and weave together traditional teachings - showing how all things relate, interdigitate, and complement each other.

Healing work has many origins, many founding mothers and fathers, many contributing members and many world views… perhaps our minds shift to meet our current world view, but our bodies do not. Our bodies don’t care how you think they should behave or why they do what they do, they just do what they do!

We approach the practice of healing from this perspective; with reverence for the inner wisdom of the body and cross-cultural tradition.

After going to Pangaea, I was left with a tool box to draw from of herbal medicine, acupressure points, energetic techniques and massage maneuvers that allowed me to work with people based on not only their imbalances, but their connection to healing itself. I realized that all of the forms of medicine that I was so interested in were overlapped in ways that Stephen could illuminate and untangle to help me to understand not only intellectually, but through grounded supervised practice to help it all coalesce into a rich experience of hands-on healing. After leaving Pangaea, I was also left with a wonderful new level of bullshit detection when I would encounter people that were not using the whole picture in their healing approaches, or who were ignoring some aspects of the puzzle in order to emphasize or rely on others. I highly recommend Stephen’s program to any person who has an interest in the art of healing.
— --Jennifer Lee Stuart, Reiki Practitioner and Therapeutic Team Leader