Early-Early Bird Discount - aka Canary Discount

Sorry for the crude analogy to the canary in the coal mine… no actual birds are harmed in the creation of this discount.

I am creating a super discount for this course, for those willing to bet that I get it all done in time for my launch this fall!

Those willing to take the great leap of faith that I will produce a comprehensive online program worth the time, money, and effort on your end… without having an exact launch date or all the specifics… and willing to deal with snafus and last minute changes along the way.

Who qualifies? Well, this course is designed for those with previous healing arts experience and at least a basic anatomy or biology course under their belt.

Ideally someone who knows my work, perhaps has even taken courses with me before. But, hey, I’m open to whomever is willing to sign-up now for a course they don’t have the dates and specific details for.

The Canary discount is non-refundable. Unless, of course I just don’t produce anything, at all.

The guarantees: there will be a course. It will involve fascia and energetics. I will give it my best. It will happen in either the fall of 2019 or the spring of 2020. It will be online.

The total tuition for the course will be (no less than) $525. The Canaries save $150!!! That’s $375, total!

Why should you do this?

In addition to all the reasons one might choose to take a great online class blending energetic theory with fascial anatomy… you will serve as additional motivation for me! Summers are hard for parents who work from home to get things done! Having pledged students, already signed up, and paying for a course… will kick my gluteus maxamus into gear to finish what is turning out to be a spectacular online course!

Whats left to do?

Because some of the charts we need to demonstrate the materials simply don’t exist, I will be creating them. Because I take plagiarism very seriously, as in I think its ethically wrong to plagiarize, I will be creating many anatomical charts from scratch even though they do exist elsewhere.

5 out of 6 planned lectures are laid out, but not recorded. demonstration videos are laid out, but not filmed. the sequence of events is basically outlined but some wrinkles need to be ironed out.

There’s actually way more ready to go than I usually have for a workshop, when i waltz in and teach it. But I am really trying to make this one the absolute best that I can. So I can use the materials again and again.

Lets do this!

I’m ready to become a Canary in your Fascial Coalmine!

Great! Fill out this paypal payment thingy, submit this online form, and your in!

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