the human microcosm: an Apprenticeship in energetic, shamanic, and magical healing

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We are currently building an online platform that will support a distance (yet intimate) apprenticeship in the healing arts, that will take the seeker through the human energy system, personal connection to the elements and the seasons, and becoming a practitioner to help others heal.



Demystifying fascia: an introduction to the deep fascia

In an earlier time in the study of the human body fascia, was not seen as an important. Vast stretches of fascia didn't even get names. Which is bizarre because, anatomists name every bump, dip, nook, cranny, crevis, etc.

The fascia was scraped away to reveal other structures that were; one can only assume, more glamorous or in some way took precedence over the casings around those structures. These days bodyworkers, yoga practitioners, and other like-minded folk are taking another look at fascia...

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Podcast: S1E1
Why we are so in love with fascia!


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Podcast: CC S1E1
The transformation of energy into mater



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