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“the human microcosm: a course in energy and fascial anatomy!”

Studying with Stephen, I was left with a tool box to draw from... that allowed me to work with people based on not only their imbalances, but their connection to healing itself.

Stephen was able to illuminate and untangle mysteries of many schools of thought to help me to understand not only intellectually, but through grounded supervised practice to help it all coalesce into a rich experience of hands-on healing. I was also left with a wonderful new level of BS detection when I would encounter people that were not using the whole picture in their healing approaches, or who were ignoring some aspects of the puzzle in order to emphasize or rely on others. I highly recommend Stephen’s program to any person who has an interest in the art of healing.
— Jennifer Lee Stuart, Reiki Practitioner and Licensed massage therapist in Texas, Massachusetts, and Colorado

First, we want to know more about you!

You could list your credentials, certificates, and the like; talk about your plans for total fascial domination, etc.
You could talk about your desire to explore anatomy further, anything in-particular that stood out about this course, etc.

A bit about me:

I am a licensed massage therapist, polarity practitioner, and fascia enthusiast! I have been in practice for 20 years; starting first with reiki; then clinical massage, shiatsu, & polarity therapy.

I have taught massage, bodywork, anatomy and energetics since 2002 - this truly is my passion!

In addition to being a fascia geek, I am a parent to two amazing children, enjoy playing with bees, chickens, our dog and cat, harvesting herbs with my amazing herbalist partner and I love a good mocha latte :)

Classes are delivered with passion and humor. The passion is authentic and the humor is dry.

YOUR INSTRUCTOR:   Stephen C. Alicandro Mace , LMT, CPP, CPMT


Stephen C. Alicandro Mace, LMT, CPP, CPMT